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Representatives from the White House indicated that the globe should not walk back any green energy commitments despite the continued rise of fuel prices across the world.

The White House does not seem to care about the rising price of fuel and increased pressure it is placing on the struggling Biden economy.  White House Press SecretaryJen Psaki asserted that the shortage of fossil fuels and economic impacts will not stop the commitment to “green energy.”  


Psaki continued to blame the gas price surge throughout the United States on Hurricane Ida, which occurred over one month ago.  “Certainly, we all want to keep gasoline prices low, but the threat of the crisis — the climate crisis — certainly can’t wait any longer,” she said. 


Americans are facing the highest gas prices in over seven years.  This is running concurrently with a struggling economy in which millions of Americans remain jobless.  The Biden economic strategy does not care about the everyday Americans and continues to show the administration is a puppet for the Democratic party.


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