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The White House told the public in May that President Joe Biden would get a physical examination before the end of the year, press secretary Jen Psaki said it will happen “soon.”  

Americans across the country are becoming concerned about the health and well-being of Joe Biden.  His team has shielded the president’s health by limiting public appearances and open questioning since the beginning of his 2020 campaign.  They are now refusing to live up on another promise to the American people.  


Recent polls showed that over 58% of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is not “physically and mentally” capable of performing the job as president.  The last time Biden has shared information regarding his health was in December of 2019, when he was 77.  The almost 79 year old Joe Biden has shown signs of physical and mental fatigue.  


Jen Psaki stated that Biden is “100 percent” and is doing fine.  If this is true, it would benefit the Biden administration to help reassure the American people in his ability to effectively lead the country.  


Joe Biden has shown signs that he is unwell, Americans should demand a physical and mental exam.  Donate to Americans United for Values today!