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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as you celebrate this blessed day! This year, there is a lot to be thankful for. President Trump has kept his promises, and delivered results that have kept our values defended. Here’s what we’re thankful for today.


President Trump has started building The Wall, and has been relentless in his calls for increased border security. President Trump declared a national emergency at the border, allowing him to access specialized presidential powers to enforce security at the border. On his first day in office, President Trump signed an executive order withdrawing federal funding from sanctuary cities.


President Trump has been a voice for the unborn, who can’t speak for themselves. Planned Parenthood has lost funding under the Trump administration, and has had to close numerous locations across the country since 2016. In his time as President, Trump has nominated two pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, allowing for a pro-life majority on the Court.


President Trump has delivered on his promise of defending the Second Amendment. Trump has put two strong second amendment supporters on the Supreme Court, solidifying a court majority in favor of gun rights. President Trump has rebuked calls for gun control, and has unapologetically defended the right of Americans to bear arms.


President Trump has expanded religious freedom. In a time when the left is increasingly pushing for the removal of symbols of faith and attempting to silence those who are of faith, Trump has been an advocate for religious liberty. President Trump has supported institutions of faith, allowing them to be open in their religious expression again.


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the values we share as Americans, and the traditions that are so important. Unfortunately, the left wants to destroy those values. That’s why we can’t let them win- fight back today, join Americans United for Values by signing up today!