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Corporate America overwhelmingly backs for-profit abortions by donating millions to Planned Parenthood each year. As a consumer, it’s time to call out those companies who side with this inhumane practice – and of course, draw attention those who are fighting pro-abortion messaging in other ways.

Wendy’s, the hamburger and Frosty chain known for their ‘Deliciously Different’ food has another ‘different’ cause from their competitors– promoting adoption.

Although Wendy’s has been a dedicated, long-time supporter of adoption, this May they announced a new partnership with Snapchat, bringing their support of ‘adoption over abortion’ front and center. At a time when Late Term Abortion Bills are fighting against Heartbeat Bills in state governments all across the nation, all Wendy’s cups will feature “Support Adoption in a Snap.” The Snapchat code allows for quick donations from mobile devices, and also raises adoption awareness as an alternative to aborting a baby.

Young Ohio Army Veteran, Dave Thomas, founded the restaurant chain in 1969 and wanted the chain to give back to the community in a personal way. As an adopted child, Thomas founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992, saying: “Every child deserves a permanent home and loving family. Having a family means there are people who care about you and who will always be there for you. Adoption is a great way to create or add to a family.” Thomas’ high-profile work on the cause allowed him the opportunity to lead the White House Initiative on Adoption. He was appointed to this position by President George Bush in the early 90’s because of his background as a successful businessman and an adoptee, according to the Wendy’s website.

This cause has always been a priority for the Wendy’s company, but even in a today’s political climate where businesses are boycotted for not supporting mainstream leftist ideals, Wendy’s has remained a strong supporter of alternatives to abortion.

Live Action’s Laura Nicole reported on the campaign launch saying: “The abortion giant [Planned Parenthood] is frequently the recipient of lavish media and corporate support, while truly pro-life efforts like adoption get overlooked,” she continued: “Perhaps celebrities should take note and spend less energy telling women they must have abortion to be successful, and spend more time and effort doing the work of supporting women and children whose mothers chose life.”

We agree! Americans United for Values champions companies like Wendy’s, who choose to stand for life, even in this tough political climate. Help us shut down the for-profit abortion business – because every life is worth fighting for.

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