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Terry McAuliffe, prominent Democrat campaigning to become governor, was seen on an Amtrak without a mask ignoring federal and state laws requiring customers and employees to wear a mask when onboard.

McAuliffe has campaigned as a strong proponent for any and all coronavirus mandates and requirements.  He has also suggested that unvaccinated people should live a more difficult life.  Clearly McAuliffe believes he is above the law and does not have to follow the mandates he supports.  


The passenger that took the photo said that McAuliffe remained maskless while exiting the train and within the station.  This shows that these individuals are happy to make rules for the masses to follow, but their elite clubs can ignore all of them.  Many other mask mandate supporters have been seen ignoring these issues as well.  


Members of government on all levels have proven that they will continue to fight to force Americans into masks, to get vaccines, and countless other regulations.  McAuliffe also hosted a massive fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard after the area saw a massive spike in COVID-19 cases. 


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