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Virginia has taken a turn in the past 10-15 years that has turned the usually reliably red state into a solid blue one. Out of justified fear, many cities and counties in Virginia have been declaring themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” But Virginia’s Attorney General is not okay with it, as he plans to bring the hammer down on cities he deems as defying the law.


If new gun control measures are passed, they “will be enforced, and they will be followed.” said Virginia AG Mark Herring. “These resolutions have no legal force, and they’re just part of an effort by the gun lobby to stoke fear.”


Democrats recently just took majority of the state Congress for the first time in years, in line with their Democratic Governor, AG, and other executive officials. It is very likely that new, strict gun control measures are bound to be passed.


The premise behind a county or local government declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries is that they are rejecting any new gun control measures that they deem unconstitutional. And with Democrats constantly seeking to strip Americans of their second amendment right, gun rights advocates are pushing back.


Earlier this month Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam suggested that there will be “consequences” for second amendment sanctuaries. Virginia Congressman Donald McEachin even floated the idea around of using the National Guard to enforce gun control measures if necessary.


One thing is for sure: gun-grabbing liberals are very afraid of gun rights activists. They realize the power and the passion behind those who aren’t willing to stand by and watch their constitutional right be taken away.


The second amendment is crucial to a thriving America that abides by its Constitution. That’s why we must continue the fight for the American values that unite us- if you agree, sign up for Americans United for Values updates today!