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antifa protesters holding sign and flags; antifa rioters

Leftist protesters are demanding that Antifa rioters be released from jail after a violent clash in Washington DC this weekend. 

On Monday, a group of violent protesters rallied outside of a Washington DC jail, demanding that Antifa rioters arrested last weekend be released.

Video shows police apparently pepper-spraying protesters gathered outside the jail. The event happened after a bout of violence in DC Saturday night when groups of Proud Boys and Antifa activists clashed. There were reports of brawls and stabbings, and police stated they made 33 arrests in connection to the violence.

Over the weekend, Fox 5 DC reported that the arrests included: six assaults on a police officer, 10 simple assaults and four riotous acts. At least eight people were taken to a hospital, including two police officers.

After the protest against the jailed Antifa members, a self-proclaimed anti-fascist activist group called “All Out DC” had announced another protest on Twitter. The event was scheduled for Tuesday at noon.

Far-left rioters and protesters have made it clear that they will resort to violence in order to get what they want – power. For years, they have been trying to tear down our American justice system.

Violence is never an acceptable form of political protest, and as Americans, we must always stand against it. Our values and institutions are what make this country great, and we cannot give them up to the violent, leftist mob.

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