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The left is constantly trying to destroy the American culture and the values that unite us. Whether it’s making gender subjective or disregarding the importance of faith, there seems to be no end in sight to appease them. Liberals in Vermont are now setting their sights on a new goal: legalizing prostitution.


Hailing from the state that socialist Senator Bernie Sanders represents, leftists in Vermont proposed a bill that would repeal current prostitution laws in the state. Proponents of the bill argue it would not only help in the battle against human trafficking, but legalize sex work.


The argument is that by decriminalizing the act such as prostitution, it will destigmatize it. But prostitution is stigmatized and criminalized for a reason. Getting paid by people to perform promiscuous favors through solicitation is not a real job.


The left has made an ultimatum that they’re just going to throw morals out the window. Perhaps that decision was made many years ago, but now there is little room for debate. The bill denigrates women to objects and sexualizes them beginning at the age of 18. Vermont liberals should be ashamed of themselves.


Proponents of the bill might call themselves “progressives,” but what they propose is something much more regressive. It’s all part of the grand leftist plan that makes religious values a thing of the past, replacing it with a utopian view that legalizes criminal activity in the name of freedom.


The research is against those advocating for decriminalized prostitution. Research shows that countries with legalized prostitution have higher rates of human trafficking than in countries where prostitution is against the law. The bill would put more people’s lives in danger while crippling American moral integrity.


Liberals often forget there’s a large part of the country that still cares about American values. If you’re one of those people, sign up for Americans United for Values- help us fight the good fight!