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Protests sprung up around Venezuela and its capital city of Caracas, Tuesday April, 30th in opposition to dictator Nicolás Maduro and his regime. Protests were led by opposition leader and interim president Juan Guiado, with the military slowly joining opposition forces. This was necessary because of one big problem: private gun ownership has been banned since 2012.


The people of socialist Venezuela have suffered for years as dictator Maduro crushes down on freedom and human rights. The same policy of banning guns is a common callby the left. It’s unsettling that there are liberals calling for the same stripping of rights here in the U.S.


The Venezuelan people want change, but also want to defend themselves against theiroppressive government. Not only are their rights being trampled on, but their innocent citizens bodies are too. Does the left realize how dangerous their policies can end up being when citizens are left defenseless?


Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other Democrats are attempting to make socialist policies like restricting gun rights mainstream in America. We can’t let anyone with those ideas in the Oval Office. The Second Amendment is an integral part of America’s constitution, and remains under threat. The example set by other countries like Venezuela prove the path we should take.


Americans United for Values cherishes our right to bear arms, sign this petition if you would never give up your guns!