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U.S. manufacturers have seen a sharp decrease of growth across the country due to an increase in inflation, weak demand and many other market forces that have derived from a weak Joe Biden economy.  ​

Manufacturing jobs increased in all industries under the first two years of the Trump administration.  These jobs have sharply declined since Biden has taken office and are not showing signs of recovery.  Additionally, American prices are increasing at rapid rates causing a weaker standard of living nationally.  


American factories are also struggling with supply chain issues which is contributing to their inability to output as much product. Americans are seeing shortages in nearly every market including steel, lumber, and other essential materials.  These factors are pushing many Americans out of buying markets.  


The American economy is continuing to struggle to maintain growth amidst high levels of inflation and the White House has struggled to combat these issues.  The labor market strain should be very concerning to many Americans that rely on a consistent paycheck in order to maintain their livelihood.  

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