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The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse held an event that addressed “Hate/Bias Responses”.  This event was made up of multiple sessions that addressed various “social justice” issues such as weight and transgender equality.  The event had a session that was titled “Challenging Straight White College Men”.


The session attacked straight, white males and essentially said they should feel guilty just for being themselves.  The “Challenging Straight White College Men” session was led by professor Jörg Vianden.  This professor recently wrote a book about how straight college men experience diversity issues.


This University sponsored event pushed liberal issues and bashed traditionally conservative views.  Another session titled “Navigating Masculinity Through Trans Identity” was focused on forcing gender fluency.  The school is forcing the liberal agenda down its students’ throats and the culture of conservative bashing must end.


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has instituted a “Hate Response Team” to control “hate” and “bias” across the campus.  This team hypocritically held an event that shows hated and bias against straight, white men.  This public university caters to its leftist students and refuses to show “understanding” to students with traditionally conservative values.


Colleges and Universities all across the country constantly force ultra-liberal views onto their students.  Americans United for Values will constantly support the core principles that help make this country great.  Show you support these values and principles by signing up for continued updates!