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            Colleges and universities across the country have shown their liberal ideals and created various types of “safe spaces” and cultural centers.  These centers are intended to promote cultural unity between races and other demographics.  Apparently, however, The Multicultural center at The University of Virginia achieved a wider cultural divide.


A woman who appeared to be a student at the university claimed that the center is a space that is intended for people of color.  She claimed that the “white people” that were located in the center should spend time around the rest of the school.  Officially, school officials have stated that the space is intended for all members of the community.


The video of this woman proves that the liberalization of public universities has worsened the relationship between various cultures.  Diversity has become synonymous with segregation and “diverse” spaces are meant to exclude the white community.


The University of Virginia has also commented that they plan to continue to invest in spaces that promote diversity.  It is likely that these spaces will lead to exclusion of the white community.


It is time to stop the public universities from creating spaces that promote the segregation of the white community.  These education institutions take the money of taxpayers to feed the liberal agenda to its students.


Americans United for Values stands for all people that are strong enough to embrace every culture.  Centers like this one at the University of Virginia are leading to an American population that does not share in the common ideals that make the country so great.  To hear more about the traditional values that guide our country, sign up for Americans United for Values today!