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Kentucky’s Ultrasound Informed Consent Act has battled it out in court with the liberals for nearly two years, but this week, the pro-life movement saw an important win.

The 2017 legislation in Kentucky requires those seeking abortions to be given full information before doing so – including ensuring that abortion doctors offer ultrasound images to women as well as the opportunity to hear the baby’s heartbeat before making an abortion decision.

The Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, praised the court’s decision: “Today is a historic day, as Kentucky continues to lead the charge in implementing strong pro-life protections for its citizens. We applaud the decision by the Sixth Circuit, which affirms the commonsense notion that patients should be well equipped with relevant information before making important medical decisions.”

A 2014 study looking at the effects of showing 15,000 abortion-seeking women ultrasounds concluded that ultrasound images do matter. Women who were uncertain or not fully decided on whether they should have the abortion a showed significant difference in not carrying out the abortion after seeing an ultrasound.

Liberals criticized the decision, saying that it takes away the doctor’s discretion when it comes to abortion consultations. What that really means is that abortion doctors purposefully withhold information that may cause women to change their minds. The abortion industry is all about profit, and the left knows that allowing women to have control over seeing or hearing the baby they are about to abort often changes their minds. The left claims to be for empowering women – but then backs legislation that gives doctors control over a woman’s decision.

This case also shows us the very important effect of judicial nominees. The Sixth circuit judges ruling 2-1 for this case were appointees of President Reagan and President Trump, respectively. The dissenting judge was an Obama-appointee. Without strong constitutionalist judges in cases like these, liberals would overtake the court system, legislate from the bench, and this case – among others – would have been decided in favor of pro-abortion activists.

Americans United for Values champions Kentucky’s 6thCircuit in their recent pro-life ruling, and the Governor of Kentucky for his commitment to signing pro-life legislation.


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