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Basket full of Easter eggs; bible verses in Easter Eggs

After putting Bible verses in Easter eggs, the Young Conservatives of Texas were faced with a slew of leftist outrage.

A conservative student group at the University of North Texas was met with outrage and threats after placing over 200 Easter eggs filled with Bible verses around campus.

“Activists” took to social media to criticize the activity and encourage capturing and destroying the eggs. One student even messaged the Young Conservatives of Texas chairwoman and told her to kill herself.

“This was intended to be a fun event for everyone. You don’t need to be a Christian to read an uplifting Bible verse and appreciate it,” Chairwoman Kelly Neidert said. “One student even messaged and told me to kill myself over this event, which was a little upsetting because some Bible verse Easter eggs shouldn’t be this controversial.”

“We’re doing this for a Christian holiday,” an anonymous YCT member added. “What else would they expect in the eggs?”

Neidert also highlighted – when speaking with a critic – that agnostic and Jewish students involved in YCT were “completely fine” with the idea. “You don’t have to be Christian to read a Bible verse,” she said.

As many people have realized, American colleges are leaning more and more to the progressive left, and this incident is just the latest example. The hypocritical left – the people of “tolerance” – are only tolerant of those they agree with. And they are not ashamed to attack Christianity and tear down religious freedom.

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