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US Marshals entering building

Two U.S. Marshals suffered non-life-threatening injuries after a gunfight with an alleged cop-shooter in NYC.

A pair of U.S. Marshals were injured after a gunfight in the Bronx with a fugitive suspected of shooting a state trooper.

Andre Sterling, 35, the fugitive who was killed in the shootout, was being chased by Massachusetts State Police. He had been charged with shooting a cop in the hand during a traffic stop in Cape Cod.

The fugitive and at least one other suspect engaged in a firefight with the marshals, which ended in five hospitalizations. The unnamed suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Boston’s CBS affiliate reported that the marshals suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Sterling also had two other warrants in Massachusetts for identity fraud and assault on a police officer. He had a third warrant in Wyoming for narcotics, according to Fox.

Violence against police officers is just another reason why we must continue to support law enforcement. It is especially important after the protests, riots and “defund the police” movement across the U.S. this year.

The Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) recently reported that there have been 260 line of duty deaths so far this year. That number makes 2020 the deadliest year for law enforcement in four decades.

We should all take part in reminding the men and women of law enforcement that we will support them and defend them from those who try to demonize them.

If you’re proud to defend our nation’s LEOs, sign up and join Americans United for Values!