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Pure Flix, a Christian media company released their newest production this weekend – Unplanned, the story of a former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director who turned into one of the Nation’s strongest anti-abortion activists.

It is expected that a film targeting Planned Parenthood, based on Abby Johnson’s 2012 book, will have the pro-choice movement hitting back. This weekend, that hit came hard when the movie’s Twitter account was temporarily shut down. Only after several high-profile accounts tweeted at Twitter’s CEO and the Twitter organization requesting a reason for why the account violates Twitter’s rules, was the issue addressed. Twitter called it an “error” and reinstated the account, but many conservatives question why the incident was timed conveniently with the movie’s opening weekend. Twitter also has banned the movie from running paid ads on its site.

This is just the newest hurdle the movie has faced since it was announced. The Motion Picture Association of America expressed their own bias when they rated the film “R” – likely in an effort to discourage parents from letting their children or teens see the movie. Abby Johnson wrote a letter to parentsregarding the “R” rating and why it was incorrectly assigned. “I want to tell you, as a mother, what you can expect from the film: The movie does not have profanity. The Lord’s name is not taken in vain or disrespected. There is no nudity, no immodesty, and certainly no sex or “suggestive” moments. None.” There is a dangerous problem in our country when the individuals tasked with movie ratings play politics to screen what is shown to America’s youth.

Unplannedis a never before seen, real life account, of a complete 180-degree flip on an issue America is polarized on. The country deserves the right to hear about this movie, see this movie, and take in this powerful message without the left-wing Hollywood companies getting in our way. It turns out – America isn’t easily influenced. Forbes said the movie “overperformed” on its opening weekend – passing expectations for box office numbers.

40 Days for Life Founder, Shawn Carney said: “There’s never been a movie like this and it’s going to get labeled so many things. It’s going to be the anti-Planned Parenthood movie, the anti-abortion movie, the anti-woman movie, the anti-fill in the blank …..but the reality and the problem for the abortion industry is that it is true.”