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Former President Donald Trump clapping; censor conservatives

Trump and other Republicans have not given up the fight against tech platforms that censor conservatives.

Former President Trump spoke during CPAC this weekend, decrying Big Tech companies who censor conservatives.

Trump called on Republican-controlled states to reprimand Big Tech with “major sanctions” if the companies choose to censor conservative voices.

“The time has come to break up big tech monopolies and restore fair competition,” Trump said. “Republicans, conservatives must open up our platforms and repeal Section 230 liability protection. And if the federal government refuses to act, then every state in the Union where we have the votes, which is a lot of them, big tech giants like Twitter, Google, and Facebook should be punished with major sanctions whenever they silence conservative voices.”

Trump continued, mentioning that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other states have been doing this.

“If they do what they’re doing, Florida, and that legislation will pass, and Texas and others will have tremendous power to do what’s right and what’s fair,” Trump said.

Section 230 is a law that grants legal protects to tech companies for third-party content posted on their sites. Republicans have criticized the protections for allowing tech platforms to discriminate against conservative users.

If Americans want to keep our freedom of speech, we must be willing to challenge Big Tech companies who are constantly silencing conservatives on their platforms. As Trump has pointed out, repealing Section 230 would be a good place to start.

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