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Over the end of last week and the weekend Democrat representative Chuck Schumer from New York visited the Mexican border and saw the situation first hand.  He saw the waves of people trying to illegally enter into our country and fight past border security.  While he was on his visit, there was a large group of migrants that rushed the border and caused injuries to customs and border patrol agents.


Schumer stated that he wants to meet with President Trump to discuss what he saw during his trip.  This trip opened the eyes of a democrat to the danger of a weak border.  He was able to see the people that are attempting to come through our walls with no documentation and a complete lack of lawful entry.


President Trump has been hard on illegal immigration and he continues to crack down by adding more resources to organizations like ICE and border patrol.  These migrants have no regard for our agents and the violent attempts to pass through the border should be worrisome to every American.  These actions are being taken by adults that fully understand they are breaking the law to try to enter our country.


Schumer was quoted saying that the people at the border are “being treated like criminals”.  This is exactly how they should be treated because what they are trying to do is breaking the law in the United States of America.  Illegal immigration brings drug use, violence, and crime to our streets.


Our border security measures are in place to prevent dangerous migrants from entering our country.  We must maintain security and we must have documentation for any foreigner that is coming to the United States.  This is to prevent crime from growing along our border states and moving into the rest of the country.  It is so important to have a strong and secure border to keep our families safe and our values secure.


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