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Planned Parenthood’s over-reaching abortion operation weakens by the day! The latest walkaway donors from the abortion giant? Coca Cola, Ford, and Xerox.

Planned Parenthood published a list of corporate donors on their website, bragging about the high level of support and “donations” they receive, only to be called out by a group of companies who either no longer donate to them, or have since stopped donating.

Their biggest scare tactic is Planned Parenthood’s giant backing. However, their bluff is crumbling quickly as the truth comes out,” Think Americana’s Keely Sharp wrote.

Planned Parenthood receives government grant money for their “family planning services” which some estimate to be as much as low as 6% of their total servicesmeaning 94% of their cases involve performing abortions and appointments resulting in abortion referrals. But that’s the problem – Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to know exactly what their money goes towards. It’s also why the Trump Administration is fighting it out in court with Planned Parenthood to hold them accountable for their family planning grants not actually being used for family planning purposes — instead directly funding abortions with taxpayer dollars.

With all the confusion surrounding what Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding and individual donations actually go towards, it’s no wonder companies are pulling out. All three companies confirmed for the Daily Signal that they no longer donate to Planned Parenthood and complained because their names were lingering on their website as donors. Xerox even told the Daily Signal that they haven’t donated to the abortion giant in at least 20 years. How many other expired donors is Planned Parenthood “claiming”?

Thank you to these three companies for calling out Planned Parenthood’s lies and cutting off the abortion giant’s access to corporate money. Now, we just need to defund their taxpayer dollars once and for all. Sign our petition now to tell Congress – join President Trump in defunding ALL of Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer dollars.

Americans United for Values continues to call for a full defunding of Planned Parenthood. Sign our petition if you’re tired of funding abortion procedures with your taxpayer dollars.