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Gov. Greg Abbot (R) announced he plans to sue the Biden Administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the Texas National Guard.  

Governor Abbot released his plans for the Texas militia, and has advised every member in his chain of command to avoid punishments for unvaccinated guardsmen.  Additionally, Abbot will question the constitutionality of the Biden mandates in federal court.  This is an important movement in the future of government led vaccine mandates.  


Biden has required all federal employees to obtain vaccines in order to keep their jobs.  Joe Biden is requiring vaccines despite the lack of support of more than half of Americans.  Additionally, COVID-19 cases have risen despite the widespread vaccines that have been taken across the country.  


Governor Abbot has pledged to fight against the vaccine mandates in areas where state and federal employment overlaps.  He has committed to use every legal option to defend the national Guard members that protect the country.  Joe Biden will continue to take the freedoms of the American public and Americans heroes across the country.  

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