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Collin County, Texas, has taken a massive step for the protection of gun rights. The county quoted “unalienable rights” when creating the declaration. This action was taken to combat the growing movement to confiscate weapons from American citizens.


The proposed action to confiscate weapons is led by former Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. Liberal politicians have been trying to take guns away from Americans for a long time, but Collin county is committed to protecting these rights.


Collin County Judge Chris Hill spoke on the matter. He said that the 2nd amendment is important for Americans to protect themselves and preserve the essence of the Constitution. Gun rights have been a major topic of discussion in recent years, but the attack against American rights must end. In addition to Collin county, at least eight other Texas counties are considered 2nd Amendment sanctuaries.


Gun ownership is a pillar of American freedom, and Democrats are looking to limit this freedom. It should not take sanctuary status to ensure the protection of gun ownership, but it may be what it takes. Counties in many other states also have taken action against the push for stricter gun control. These sanctuary areas are leading the fight, and Americans who have strong values should follow.


The 2nd Amendment is so important to the preservation of American values. Americans have a right to own guns and the push to take them away is a direct violation of the Constitution. Democrats want to do whatever they can to make citizens weaker and diminish the strength of American citizens.


Americans United for Values is committed to respecting the freedom that is given to citizens. 2nd Amendment rights are a requirement to continue this fight. Donate below to pledge your support for traditional American values!