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            Charlie McMillan is the honorary mayor of Whitehall, Texas.  He is a 7 month old and is the face of anti-abortion throughotu the entire country.  Charlie’s “agenda” is to promote patriotism, adoption and all pro-life policies.  The Roe v Wade decision may be under threat for the first time since its inception, 46 years ago.


Charlie was adopted by his parents, and his life is the result of the strength that his birth mother had to carry him.  Charlie’s birth mother was in the midst of a very difficult and unplanned pregnancy, and elected not to terminate the child.  This allowed for Charlie to be born and become a powerful sentiment for life.


The mayor’s campaign slogan is to “Make America Kind Again.”  His goal is to bring the country back together and help to shrink the gap that exists between political parties today.  This allows people to understand the importance of the core values that exist across the country.


The Supreme Court could overturn the decision in Roe v Wade in the future.  This decision, which essentially legalized abortion nationwide, gives power to the anti-lifers.  The Supreme Court has a Conservative majority, and President Trump has vowed to only appoint pro-life justices.


Charlie is not a Democrat or a Republican, but he does stand for the values that have led the American people for many years.  The Supreme Court is set to rule on a Louisiana law that would force many abortion clinics to close.  This will allow the pro-life policies to continue to grow and could help defeat Roe v Wade.


 Americans United for Values stands for the same values and will continue to fight for the rights of the unborn! If you’re with us, sign this petition today!