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Ilhan Omar, freshman Congresswoman from Minnesota is known for being a terrorist sympathizer, often blaming the United States ideology for foreign terrorist attacks. This week, concerns against Omar elevated when she suggested in a podcast interview that the U.S. should scale back our military presence and defense spending.

Omar told new podcast, Next Left: “We have to not have over 800 bases, military bases around the world. We have to not spend 57 cents on the dollar on defense, while we cut education and healthcare and housing funding.”

These comments show a terrorist sympathizer in Congress advocating for weakening our U.S. military at a time when international terror organizations continue to grow stronger. It’s not only concerning that Omar is advocating for less money into our military budget, but that she is suggesting closing bases – meaning she is willing to allow these terror groups to grow unobstructed throughout the world.

According to the FBI, Omar represents the ‘terrorism recruitment capital’ of the United States. Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district has shown the highest numbers of Somalis attempting to join terror organizations, or demonstrating proven membership in foreign terror organizations, then any other area of the United States.

Omar herself has had two incidents of defending terrorists and blaming the U.S. for terrorism incidents as a state representative. In 2013, she claimed a terror attack in Kenya which killed 70 and wounded 200 was simply a ‘reaction to U.S. involvement in other people’s affairs.” Two years later, she defended a group of 9 Somali men living in Minnesota for their attempt to join ISIS after they were caught by authorities. Omar wrote a letter to the judge in the terror case to argue for leniency in their sentencing.  She asked for ‘compassion’ and blamed a lack of ‘inclusion’ and ‘rehabilitation’ for enabling terror activism in the U.S.

“But there’s a reason that I got elected to be in Congress and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a refugee, an immigrant Muslim or woman, or Black woman,” Omar told New Left podcast, “It’s because I am someone who has a particular lens about how we approach policy domestically and internationally and to many of the people here my approach is more threatening to them.”

Yes – a new international policy approach is threatening to America. We see foreign governments, groups, and leaders executing people, warring against their own people, and forming terror organizations overseas daily. In America, we don’t model our nation off these international crises. We exist because of our Constitution, our nation of laws, and our uniting force to fight evil around the world. Our nation does not need a new international approach that mirrors the Middle East. We don’t want people on U.S. soil undermining our government to join ISIS, and we refuse to stand by while elected members of Congress blame the U.S. government for terror attacks around the world.

So Rep. Omar, we won’t be weakening the United States military any time soon. We won’t be closing U.S. strongholds around the world to pave a way for more terrorism, and we won’t allow you to continue blaming our great nation for terrorist attacks, when the U.S.   fights for peace and prosperity around the world.

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