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The United States is great because of its citizens. A citizenry that stands up for those without a voice, a citizenry that backs their decisions with a moral code, and a citizenry that becomes provoked when their values and trust are disparaged. Americans were provoked last Thursday night when the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives introduced the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, legislation that would send millions of taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to perform abortions. This legislation ignores Pro-life principles and completely destroys any confidence that conservatives once held in House Democrats.


The Consolidated Appropriations Act was introduced in the middle of a government shutdown where Democrats refused to appropriate funds to President Trumps border wall. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats played off of the urgency to end the Government shutdown and introduced a bill that was hidden with text to undermine the administration’s pro-life policy. As expected, The Trump administration rejected the spending bill because they will not pass a bill that restores foreign aide to organizations that commit or promote abortions.


“The legislation that the House Democrats are reportedly planning to introduce and vote on tomorrow will not be a serious contribution to the negotiations that are ongoing between the administration and the incoming Democratic majority in the House,” Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell said.


The proposed legislation would have repealed the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance policy which makes groups involved in abortion ineligible for foreign aid. The legislation would have also increased funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) by five million dollars. Congressman Andy Harris (R-Md.) shared similar outrage as Republicans in the House by saying, “We should have had a debate about [this bill] and how it funds China’s coerced forced sterilization and forced abortion policy,”.


The Nancy Pelosi led – House of Representatives saw the temporary unemployment of federal workers as an opportunity to attack traditional conservative values. Values that are consistent with the Catholic church and view abortion as the murder of an innocent life. During a press briefing taken place on Sept 13, 2018, Pelosi stated that she is a “practicing catholic” yet the catholic church holds a stance that opposes abortion on demand. Pelosi prides herself on her strong, pro-abortion views and is even willing to go as far as underhandedly using taxpayers hard earned dollars to support overseas abortions while nearly 420,000 Americans are off work due to unresolved negotiations.


Would you vote for a bill if you knew it used your tax dollars to fund overseas abortions?