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In 2019, calling someone by their actual name is now considered “hateful conduct” and can get you locked out of Twitter. That’s exactly what happened to LifeSite News, a website dedicate to the pro-life causes and ending abortion. They called out a transgender activist by his actual name instead of his new-self proclaimed name in a tweet, and Twitter brought down the hammer.


Lifesite News tweeted, “Trans activist Jonathon ‘Jessica’ Yaniv shocked… confused’ gynecologist won’t see him.” The tweet was linked to a story about how Yaniv was in utter disbelief a doctor specializing in women’s health wouldn’t waste their time helping a patient who is a man.


Twitter then gave Lifesite the option to either delete the tweet and have their account reactivated immediately, or wait and appeal the move. Lifesite chose to appeal, which meant their account was suspended on Twitter until further notice.


Lifesite never harassed the activist. They simply summarized the facts about the article the tweet was linked to. Yaniv was born with the first name Jonathon, and was born a male. Despite this, Yaniv insists that he’s a woman. The left’s culture war has thrown logic out the window.


What’s even more troubling is Twitter censoring conservative viewpoints. Not calling someone by their preferred pronoun is now considered hate speech by Twitter, and subject to suspension. By silencing a prominent pro-life account who won’t give in to liberal social justice propaganda, the left is killing two birds with one stone.


Here’s the facts: there are only two genders. You don’t get to choose whether you’re a man or woman. Saying these facts will get you shunned by the left.


This madness is out of control; Join us by signing this petition if you agree that we as a country need to bring back common sense!