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The Supreme Court denied Remington Arm Co. from blocking a lawsuit against them, filed by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. The bogus lawsuit claims that Remington, who makes AR-15s, has partially responsibility for the Sandy Hook shooting.


The Connecticut Supreme Court already allowed the case to move on in March, leading the lawsuit to move on to the doorstep of the Supreme Court. That’s why Remington made their case Tuesday trying to convince the Supreme Court to throw out the insane lawsuit.


The case made by the families of the Sandy Hook victims is that the AR-15 is a military style weapon, and therefore Remington should never have sold the weapon. Remington is not the only gun manufacturer that sells AR-15s, but they did produce the one used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in 2012.


Adam Lanza, though, never bought the AR-15 himself that he used in the shooting. He stole the weapon from his mother. Despite every shred of evidence that the lawsuit filed against Remington is purely out of emotions, and not based on facts, the Supreme Court let the case live another day in court.


Left wing gun control advocates have been fighting for years to get the Supreme Court to decide on whether people can sue gun manufacturers for mass shootings. The push is part of the liberal agenda to not just strip gun rights, but erase the second amendment entirely. Those pushing the lawsuit also allege Remington of pushing the “lone gunman” narrative.


The leftist anti-second amendment agenda involves taking out the gun manufacturers, then stripping gun rights, and then having ultimate government control. Don’t let the liberal agenda win- chip in a few dollars to Americans United for Values to make sure we KEEP the Second Amendment the law of the land!