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There has been a noticeable difference at Immigrations & Customs Enforcement over the past three years; they’re finally able to do their job. With a President that has their back, ICE has been increasing the number of deportations carried out annually since 2017, according to newly released figures.


More than a quarter of a million illegal immigrants were deported in the fiscal year 2019, which ranges from September 2018 to October 2019. The majority of those deported were illegal immigrants who had just crossed the Southern border, but roughly 85,000 of those deported were illegal aliens who were mainly convicted criminals or who had pending criminal allegations.


29,966 more deportations were carried out in the fiscal year 2018 than in the fiscal year 2016, and 11,173 more deportations were done in the fiscal year 2018 than in the fiscal year 2018. What emerges is a pattern of an ever increasing number of deportations.


More than 5,000 of the people deported in the past year were gang members. A 2017 study done by the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that the fiscal cost created by illegal immigrants is around $746 billion. Sadly, American taxpayers are footed the bill.


Despite ICE overperforming, they’ve come under fire by leftist politicians for simply doing their job. Socialist politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other like-minded Democrats have called for the abolition of ICE and made it a central part of their platform.


Coming into this country illegally is a crime. President Trump and ICE is sending a strong message: you can’t get away with breaking the law. Americans United for Values stands behind the brave men and women of ICE, if you do too, chip in a few dollars to us today!