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Two Professors are being attacked by their students for attending a “Back the Blue” rally to support American police officers. 

Skidmore College administration has not commented on the calls by students to fire the two professors.  The students attacked faculty couple David and Andrea Peterson and are calling on them to explain their decision to attend the rally.  The student letter called their attendance “unacceptable” and disrespectful to social rights movements across the country.  


Skidmore College has only advised that they are listening to their students and will make a decision at a later point.  These professors were at a peaceful rally on their personal time and they should be belittled by college students.  Many colleges and universities have become aggressively liberaland support far-left social ideals like defunding police.  


Supporting Police departments across the country is extremely important to protect Americans, but liberals are looking to destroy the fabric of the country.  They are trying to allow rioting  and other forms of chaos become standard to promote social justice.  Colleges and Universities like Skidmore College have become extremely liberal across the entire country, so much so that they will attack their faculty members.  


It is time to take back the country and support strong law enforcement once again.  Police should be celebrated and “back the Blue” rallys should be supported by all types of Americans. 

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