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Stanford Campus; Stanford law school

Stanford Law School has started a new research center to challenge the “racist” public education system in America.

Stanford Law School has launched a new research center focused on making public education “anti-racist” and dismantling “systemic racism.”

The “Youth Justice Lab” is both a three-unit course for law students and a policy research center. The lab’s website states that America’s public school system is an institution that perpetuates racism against black people, white supremacy and discrimination.

“No institution has reproduced racial hierarchy in the U.S. more than our public education system,” the website claims.

The Youth Justice Lab’s website also labels classes for students with disabilities and advanced placement courses as a form of segregation.

“From state-sponsored racial segregation of schools to the more subtle, but no less insidious racially segregated academic placements (e.g., special education, advanced placement) to exclusionary school discipline policies, to ostensibly ‘meritocratic’ testing and grading policies,” the website states.

At the University of California, officials have already gotten rid of SAT and ACT requirements for applicants. The Daily Wire reported that the Youth Justice Lab will probably encourage other schools to also drop standardized testing.

The progressive left, according to whom everything is “racist,” is once again trying to tear down a long-standing institution. The fundamental aspects of education that they’re challenging have allowed children of all races and walks of life to succeed for hundreds of years.

We must continue to defend the education system that has helped make America great.

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