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President Trump awarded six Dayton Police officers with the Medal of Valor for their courageous response to the attacks on August 4th.  Dayton Police were able to neutralize the situation in less than 30 seconds after engaging the shooter.  Six officers were near by and responded to the scene almost instantly, saving numerous lives.


The attack resulted in the loss of nine lives and injuries to twenty-seven more civilians.  Without the rapid response of law enforcement, the casualties likely would be much higher.  The Shooter, Connor Betts, was wearing a bullet proof vest and hearing protection.  He was aiming to maximize the death count, but these six officers prevented any further attack.


President Trump presented this award to the officers to show gratitude to our law enforcement and the impact that a successful first response can provide.  The Public Safety Medal of Valor is the highest decoration given to public safety officers in the United States.  This award is only given in acts of extreme bravery exhibited by public safety officers.


The Trump Administration knows and understands the importance of recognizing the people that make America safer.  The rapid response of these officers show their commitment to civilian life without regard for their own safety.  Americans everywhere must always remain thankful for servicemen and women.  This presentation, along with the mourning of the victims of brutal attacks is evidence to the ongoing support of American lives.