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President Trump and the White House staff released a statement on two members of the military that were pardoned for various war crimes cases. The White House statement described how it is the responsibility of the President to ensure the law is properly enforced, including that it is the President’s responsibility to offer second chances to deserving individuals.

In this case it was two US servicemen who were deployed in Afghanistan…

The first pardon was for Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, who has served six years of a nineteen-year prison sentence for second degree murder. His conviction was for ordering soldiers to fire on three Afghan men that were riding toward the platoon on a motorcycle. The White House quoted the pressing circumstances of constant combat within the region. President Trump reviewed the circumstances and decided that Lieutenant Lorance deserved to be released from incarceration and pardoned of any wrongdoing.

The President also granted clemency for Army Maj. Matthew Golsteyn who was awaiting trial for killing a known Taliban bomb maker. President Trump also stated that he understands the responsibility that he holds to use this power carefully and effectively. His choice to pardon these men shows his commitment to soldiers and understanding that decisions in war are far different than decisions made domestically.

The Trump administration has shown over and over that it is committed to our military. This “America first” mentality has helped to place increased emphasis on the well-being of all American citizens. These pardons demonstrate that President Trump and America stand behind the great men and women of our military!

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