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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) addressed the country on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and called for President Joe Biden to be impeached for “Dereliction of Duty” for the chaos of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  

Graham has been a proud supporter of US military efforts and has pushed to make a safer America and world.  Graham also addressed the future prospects of conflict within Afghanistan and the Middle East as a whole.  He said that the President’s actions have created a vacuum for terror and heavily increased the chance of future conflict.  


The Biden administration made the decision to stand by and watch as the Taliban has overtaken the Afghanistan government and used brute force on innocent people to elevate their status.  American lives are proving to be inconsequential for the decision making of the White House.  


Senator Graham is absolutely correct and there is a massively increased risk of a terrorist attack on US soil.  This would pace millions of Americans in harm’s way, and President Joe Biden has no intention to stop Taliban efforts.  The Commander-in-Chief is not and was never suited for the role as President of the United States, and he deserves to be put on trial for his actions.  


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