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Senate Republicans were able to prevent a massive change to the electoral system that was backed by Democrats aimed to give the federal government more control over elections.  ​

The Senate voted 50-50 which failed to meet the 60 vote threshold needed to move forward with debate on the legislation.  The legislation would have federalized American electoral systems and taken away power from states.  This bill has been widely opposed by Republicans since its introduction.  


Democrats were searching to mandate many regulations including protection for illegal immigrants that attempt to vote, national vote-by-mail without a voter ID and allow ballots to be counted 10 days after Election Day.  These regulations would undoubtedly give more power to federal officials and increase the risk of voter fraud around the country.  


Senator Ron Johnson said, “The ‘For the People Act’ is another Orwellian-named bill that 

has nothing to do with voting rights but everything to do with consolidating Democrat control over government and our lives.”


Democrats are showing that they do not respect the legitimacy of the election system and are actively searching for more avenues to manipulate future elections.  This was a major power grab by Democrats and Senate Republicans were able to prevent this from becoming a major threat to American freedom. 


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