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Woman holding anti-critical race theory sign; critical race theory schools

Sen. Tom Cotton’s amendment to block federal funding of critical race theory in schools was passed by the Senate this week.

The Senate recently voted to pass Sen. Tom Cotton’s amendment in the budget reconciliation package that prevents federal funds from being used to advocate critical race theory in schools.

Sen. Cotton had introduced his Stop CRT Act last month. The amendment was an effort to prohibit federal funding to be used in K-12 classes to teach critical race theory. It was passed along with the framework of the $3.5 trillion budget resolution on Aug. 11.

“They want to teach our children that America is not a good nation, but a racist nation,” Sen. Cotton said while addressing the Senate. “Those teachings are wrong and our tax dollars should not support them.”

Critical race theory is centered on the idea that racism is at the core of American life and a part of our national institutions. While its ideas claim to be “anti-racist,” it is actually a divisive and dangerous ideology. Our children shouldn’t be taught that their skin color predetermines their status in America.

This amendment is a great step forward in the fight against the radical left. We should continue to support leaders like Sen. Cotton who are willing to introduce legislation and reject anti-American, Marxist ideas like those taught by critical race theory.

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