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The Democrats going into 2020 are quickly making a name for themselves – starting with equating late-term abortion with a celebration of death. But this week, they went a step further than just backing late-term abortion. Senate Democrats voted for infanticide.

After several prominent Democrats came out supporting late term abortion, even up through a minute before birth, Republicans took action.

Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska introduced the Born Alive: Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the Senate. This act would ensure that children born after surviving an abortion attempt would be given the same quality healthcare as any other newborn baby.This vote forced Democrats to go on record saying whether or not they’d let an infant die in a delivery room, simply because the mother had intendedfor the baby to die prior to delivery.

On Monday, this legislation failed in the Senate. Despite the fact that withholding medical care from a newborn baby is sadistic, Democrats sabotaged any chance of protecting the children of this country.  It needed 60 votes to pass, and only three Democrats were upstanding enough to acknowledge the rights and needs of a newborn baby. Those who voted against it included all the 2020 Trump-challengers.

The recent late-term abortion legislation coming out of states like New York has caused a major shift in the political definition of abortion. Abortion used to be known as “a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body,” –the phrase championed by women’s rights activists. However, if Democrats are willing to murder a human after delivery, they are forced to acknowledge that abortion is now about a woman’s intent for their child– whether that be killing the baby or keeping the baby alive. This argument forces Democrats to acknowledge what conservatives have known all along – a baby is alive from the moment of conception.

We aren’t just slipping down a dangerous path – We’ve come to the bottom of the canyon. We’re now living in an America where a woman can kill a baby, simply because she didn’t want it in the first place. This is far past “abortion rights” – Democrats are now championing the murder of newborns.

The American people won’t stand by while Democrats continue to rallying around infanticide and driving our country into the ground. Sign up for Americans United for Values today and join us in the fight to preserve life.