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We know the left continues to push their abortion stance further and further in recent months. At one point, the Democrats used to be the party of pro-choice, but as Fox News’ Tucker Carson pointed out, they are now the party of pro-abortion.

Democrats aren’t just defending someone’s decision to abort a baby – now, they’re actually encouraging abortions. But Senator Mazie Hirono crossed a line this week when she told a pro-choice rally audience about her brainwashing conversation with pre-teens in Hawaii classrooms.

The Senator bragged about the conversation saying: “We have to fight for abortion rights, and they [the students] knew all about it. And I asked the group of girls – How many of you girls think that the government should be telling us, women, when and if we want to have babies? — and not a single one of them raised their hands.” She went on to also brag about a similar question directed at the eighth-grade boys in the room, saying. “How many of you boys think that the government should be telling girls and women, when and if we’re going to have babies? — and not a single one of them raised their hands.”

The left is indoctrinating their sick, pro-murder beliefs on the youth in America. The conversation of life is not about a socialist society where the government dictates who can or cannot have children. The misleading frame the Senator presented to these children is disingenuous and incorrect. The conversation of life is about fighting for the most vulnerable, innocent lives that have been created and cannot stand up for themselves.  Senator Hirono’s ‘abortion rights’ is instead about intentionally killing another human being – yet she failed to mention that aspect of abortion to the pre-teens in the room. Senator Hirono’s blatantly misleading frame of what abortion is should not be permitted in a learning environment, nor come from the mouth of a sitting U.S. Senator.

On his show discussing this incident, Tucker Carlson said: “Imagine saying something like that to someone else’s kids.”

How is a sitting U.S. Senator allowed to go into a public school and make comments like these – unchecked, and brainwash the pre-teens in the classroom with her political agenda? This sensitive and controversial topic needs to be discussed in the home, under the supervision of parents. We also should hold the school accountable for this incident – showcasing only one pro-abortion Senator to a classroom of impressionable children is not equal learning. There were no pro-life speakers present to counteract the harmful narrative Senator Hirono spread to these children.

It is not up to public schools and progressive Senators to teach our children about the issue of life in American politics. Americans United for Values supports the pro-life movement because we value the sanctity of each life – we can’t afford to have liberal activists brainwashing our youth. Join our fight – the issue of life is under attack each and every day!