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high school building; seattle public schools

Seattle Public Schools reportedly trained teachers that they’re “assigned considerable power and privilege” because of their “possession of white skin.”

Seattle Public Schools is apparently training white teachers to “bankrupt their privilege” by promoting social justice in the classroom.

Leaked documents reportedly show a training on critical race theory at the school district, which is the largest public school district in Washington.

The training slides ask teachers to acknowledge that they are meeting on “the ancestral lands and traditional territories of the Puget Sound Coast Salish People.” Then they ask them to recognize that the U.S. was “built off the stolen labor of kidnapped African and enslaved Black people’s work, which created profits that created our nation.”

Similarly, San Diego’s public school district also began a training by asking teachers to acknowledge they are meeting on “stolen land, taken from Indigenous people.”

Due to this privilege, the trainers claim that white people should build relationships, which “reflection and self-interrogation” are critical to. But the responsibility for marginalized people is to center “the importance of your feelings” and “take care of yourself.”

Democrat-led Seattle has already voted to reduce its police department’s budget by 18%. Now they’re further liberalizing the city by implementing divisive training regimens.

The divisive and dangerous “critical race theory” will only create more racial division in our country. All Americans should stand against it and work toward true equality. Teachers across the nation should be encouraged to treat all of their students fairly, regardless of race, religion or “privilege.”

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