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South Carolina State Rep. Cezar McKnight; transgender minors

State Rep. Cezar McKnight has introduced legislation to ban transgender surgery and treatments for minors.

South Carolina state Rep. Cezar McKnight recently revealed that he’s received support from Democrats, Republicans and members of the transgender community over a bill he introduced that would ban transgender surgeries and treatments for minors.

“I’m not anti-transgender, I’m not anti-gay, I’m not a homophobe,” McKnight, who is a Democrat, told Fox News. “And I resent people suggesting such. It was just this last week that I fought to put in protections in our new hate crime bill legislation that would protect gay people, transgender and lesbians. I fought to put that in there. So, when I hear people suggest to me that I’m a homophobe, I resent that.”

“I don’t hate anyone. What I’m about is protecting children,” McKnight added. “And I think that in South Carolina, you have to be 18-years-old to get a tattoo. So how is it that you can get an irrevocable procedure performed on you at any age during your adolescence? It’s ridiculous.”

Earlier this month, the Alabama state senate voted to approve similar legislation. As expected, progressives and activists criticized the bill for restricting the rights of citizens.

As Americans, we should support leaders who aren’t afraid to fight in order to protect our children, regardless of their political party. Otherwise, the far-left will continue to push policies that are reckless and dangerous to young kids.

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