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Illegal alien Jose Barajas-Diaz was driving drunk earlier this year when he committed murder, striking and killing an innocent immigrant in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He was charged five years of prison time, but ended up getting a suspended sentence instead, where he was released immediately.


Instead of following the law, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office let Barajas-Diaz essentially walk away free, being released back into the general public. Officials decided to conveniently ignore the fact that he was in the country illegally and committed a felony.


U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement were luckily able to track down Jose Barajas-Diaz, detaining him. Acting ICE director Matt Albence spoke on the detention of Barajas-Diaz Monday.


“Continued decisions to refuse cooperation with ICE serve as an open invitation to aliens who commit criminal offenses that these counties are a safe haven for persons seeking to evade federal authorities.” said Albence. “And residents of Mecklenburg County are less safe due to these misguided sanctuary policies.”


Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden has made a name for himself defying the rule of law. A registered democrat, McFadden opposes working with ICE, even though it’s a part of his job.


In April, McFadden let a known illegal immigrant criminal walk free after the man tried to kill a woman who had been complaining to the police about the illegal’s actions. ICE ended up finding the man, albeit in a standoff, against McFadden’s wishes. And now, McFadden is playing the same tricks to push his political agenda.


Following the law is not optional. If you are here illegally, you aren’t allowed to commit felonies and walk free. Sadly, elected left wing Democrats are allowing such atrocities to happen. Sign our petition today if you agree that Sheriff McFadden needs to turn in his badge NOW and resign!