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American flag hanging in a classroom; San Francisco renaming schools

After it was revealed that their ‘renaming committee’ used historically-incorrect information, San Francisco will wait on renaming its ‘controversial’ schools.

The San Francisco Unified School District has delayed the renaming of 44 schools named after historical figures, and will apparently consult historians if changes are made in the future.

School board President Gabriela López said in a statement that she plans to make reopening schools a priority, rather than dealing with “systemic racism” as defined by the district’s renaming committee.

In January, San Francisco’s school board had voted to rename schools named after allegedly controversial historical figures. It was soon revealed that the “renaming committee” used “casual Google searches” to gather information for their decision.

The renaming committee apparently went off of several inaccuracies, including one that poet James Russell Lowell reportedly “did not want Black people to vote,” despite the fact that he apparently advocated for “giving the ballot to the recently freed slaves.” They had also targeted Paul Revere because a committee member made a wrong connection between the “Penobscot Expedition” against the British in 1779 and “the conquest of the Penobscot Indians.”

Some of the other names considered for renaming included Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Not only has the “woke” culture of the progressive left attempted to ruin the name of important and influential American figures, but it has also decided to ignore historical fact in its pursuit. What San Francisco’s “renaming committee” has done is one step away from literally rewriting history. These are supposed to be education professionals, who should be focused on telling the truth about history, not ignoring it in order to help their liberal agenda.

America’s future depends upon having clear and factual historical records, whether they are good or bad. We must always learn from history and not tear down its positive figures who taught us important values.

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