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Rutgers University is a public University in New Jersey that pulls roughly 20% of its income in from Federal funds. In addition to hiring a lawyer to defend illegals, Rutgers has created funds and programs to use on these migrants.  They have used these funds to create a system that helps illegal immigrants avoid legal repercussions.  Rutgers is literally using tax payer dollars to help law-breaking illegal immigrants avoid the proper consequences.  This is such a mockery to the American system and Rutgers should be forced to surrender their federal funds.


Federal funding for public universities help to grow the overall amount of education that is accessible to the American public.  These funds are not meant to be used for the legal defense of illegal immigrants.  Rutgers has taken the money that was meant to be put into the future of our country through higher education and placed it in the hands of lawbreakers.


Public universities need to be more strictly regulated in their spending to avoid more issues such as this one.   These universities should be reinvesting this money in the future of American citizens by growing the programs and research that they promote.  Rutgers should not be allowed to promote the law-breaking culture that surrounds illegal immigration.


These types of colleges and universities promote a lack of the American value system.  It is so important to fight against these places that want to grow the acceptance of illegal and dangerous migrants.  Immigration is very important to our country, but it must be done legally, and when public universities use funds to help illegal aliens, it becomes worrisome.


America is a country that at its core supports the promote the growth of our nation, and we need to fight against the people that want to invest in foreigners.  These foreigners are not American citizens and should not have the support of publicly funded universities.  Rutgers should be forced to end their programs that support law-breaking migrants and return the funds that were used to put them in place.