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BLM Defund the Police protest; Biden nominees defund the police

Republican senators sent a letter to President Biden, asking him to withdraw nominees for federal positions who wanted to defund the police.

Republican senators have asked President Biden to withdraw nominees who have signaled support for the movement to defund the police.

The senators’ letter named several nominees who support or are associated in some way with the movement to defund the police. The letter was signed by Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. Tim Scott and Sen. John Kennedy.

The letter specifically names Solomon Greene and Julia Gordon, Biden’s nominees for Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing and Commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration.

Greene “has used his Twitter account to make offensive public statements denigrating the police and advocating for defunding the police,” and Gordon “has a history of promoting troubling statements against law enforcement.”

“Mr. Greene and Ms. Gordon’s statements disparaging police officers and advocating for defunding the police are deeply disappointing and call into question their fitness to serve in senior positions in the federal government,” the letter reads. “Police officers put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect us. They deserve to be supported—not maligned—by federal officials.”

If we want to increase support for law enforcement across the country, then we need to make sure that no anti-police officials hold public office. Their efforts to demonize and defund police officers are harmful to both police and the communities they serve.

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