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Fires/explosions from a terrorist attack; Republicans Israel

House Republicans are looking to pass a resolution condemning the recent terrorist attacks against Israel.

House Republicans are leading an effort to call out Hamas as a terrorist group and to reaffirm support for the people of Israel as violence escalates in the Middle East.

Rep. Carlos Gimenez is introducing a resolution with the support of at least 50 Republicans.

“Israel has every right to defend itself and defend its citizens,” Gimenez told Fox News. “I don’t know of an instance where there’s outright aggression from the state of Israel that was done without provocation.”

In contrast, progressive members of the “Squad” – namely Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar – have decided to condemn Israel instead. AOC criticized Biden for his statement in support of Israel and said that he is taking “the side of the occupation.”

“Members of the Squad, I believe, are out of touch with America,” Rep. Gimenez commented. “They think that they speak for America and they don’t.”

“I’m trying to make sure that Congress stands up,” he added. “You need to be counted. Who do you stand with? Do you stand with the terrorists of Hamas, or do you stand with the state of Israel? That’s another reason why we want to put this resolution forward.”

Republicans are once again taking a stand against terrorism, while some Democrats are choosing to ignore what’s really happening in the Middle East. As Americans, we should all be quick to stand up to terrorism and support the right of our allies to defend their nations against it.

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