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Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts speaking; Republican states job growth

A recent report showed that Republican states are miles ahead of liberal states in terms of job growth.

A recent report by WalletHub revealed that Republican states are experiencing more robust job growth than Democratic states.

The report was compiled using unemployment data from the past two years. Nine out of the top 10 best-performing states in the report are led by Republican governors. They are Vermont, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, Montana and Oklahoma.

All of the bottom 10 states are led by Democrats, including Illinois, New York, California and Washington, DC. The Daily Wire reported that states slow in job growth are those that have continued to participate in boosted unemployment benefits due to the pandemic. In some cases, beneficiaries are receiving the equivalent of $100,000 a year in salary—a whopping $32,000 above the U.S. median income.

Sadly, Democratic leadership continues to keep Americans in the cycle of unemployment and poverty. Meanwhile, they’re preventing their own state’s business owners from finding people willing to work.

While Republican states are focused on rebuilding the economy in the aftermath of COVID-19, Democratic states are slow to recover because they still haven’t realized that left-wing economic policy has never, and will never, lead to a prosperous economy.

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