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For months, Republicans have been subject to the radical, anti-life rhetoric coming from elected members of the Democratic party. Everything from letting babies die on the table by “making them comfortable” to “kill them now, or kill them later” – Democrats have showed the American public just how far they are willing to go to expand a “constitutional right.” But Republicans are fighting back to restore the right to life in the United States, one state at a time.

Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia led the way by passing Heartbeat Bills – banning abortions after a detectable fetal heartbeat. Alabama took the Heartbeat Bill concept a step further last week when the Governor signed the strictest abortion law in the country – banning all abortion except when mother’s life is in danger. Just two days later, Missouri followed suit by passing an 8-week abortion ban – with no exceptions for cases including rape and incest. All restrictive abortion laws passed at the state level also account for doctors’ roles in the procedure – often dictating jail time for anyone breaking the law to perform an abortion. These states all have one thing in common – Republican Governors. We’re thankful these elected leaders understand the pro-life issues in these states and sign legislation that the Republican voters of the states can be proud of.

Recently, Louisiana is the first state with a Democratic Governor willing to jump on the pro-life side of the abortion war. Governor of Louisiana, John Bell Edwards has always been pro-life, especially after he and his wife chose to have their child after finding out the baby would be born with a genetic disease. After announcing his willingness to sign a Heartbeat Bill in Louisiana, Edwards received intense backlash from his own progressive pushing party.  “That’s the way I was raised. That’s what my Catholic Christian faith requires,” the governor said on his monthly radio show. “I know that for many in the national party, on the national scene, that’s not a good fit. But I will tell you, here in Louisiana, I speak and meet with Democrats who are pro-life every single day.”

Even the Democratic Louisiana Governor realizes how wrong the Democratic party is on this issue. The country as a whole does not support the disgusting rhetoric and abortion proposals coming out of the progressive left wing of the Democratic party – and it’s time Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Nancy Pelosi realize it too.

The progressive left thought they’d get away with passing expansive measures on Roe v. Wade, including allowing a woman’s intent to kill an infant to be the basis for letting an infant die after birth. But Republicans won’t stand by while the Democrats continue to expand these terrible practices throughout the country – and the Democrats never thought Republicans would fight back so strongly.

These state wins are nothing to shrug off. The Democrats thought they could get away with their crude comments and sneaky expansions – no wonder they’re all so upset with the strong, unified, and coordinated response by the Republicans to protect life.

Join our fight — Life isn’t something we’re willing to let the Democrats play games with.