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Law Enforcement Officials have Indicated that more than 100 Venezuelan Nations Enter Del Rio, Texas on a daily basis, and at least 1,100 have been apprehended by border patrol since April 16th.  ​

This area has become a major entry for foreign nationals to illegally enter the United States and it is a testament to the severity of the border crisis across the country.  These groups will travel in packs and enter the United States in soft patrol areas and typically take buses to other areas around the American Southwest.  ICE’s ability to patrol the border and complete arrests has been dialed back since the Biden administration took office.  


If the border is allowed to remain this weak, it is perceivable  that millions of illegal migrants will enter the country during his reign as President of the United States.  This will create major security issues around the entire country.  It is extremely important to have a secure border in order to control immigratoion and prevent drugs and other illegal goods from entering the country.  


The Biden administration granted a Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelan nationals for 18 months.  This is being taken advantage of by Venezuelan nationals and they will continue to enter the country without a risk of consequence.  This prevents border patrol agents and ICE from any attempts of removal from the country.  


The immigration bubble is going to burst in the form of millions of illegal migrants making their way to the United States.  Democrats will soon look to grant immediate citizenship regardless of how they entered the country. 


If you support strong and secure borders, donate to Americans United for Values today!

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