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The National Football League is allegedly preparing to increase their social justice messaging during the 2021 season including making the “black national anthem” an important part of the major events around the league.  ​

The NFL is coming out of a season with many obstacles surrounding COVID regulations and adjusted scheduling.  They are preparing to create more controversy around the league by increasing social justice helmet decals, sideline and field signage and playing the “black national anthem.”  


This was reported to Front Office Sports and the 2021 left-wing efforts are likely to be larger than any of the league’s previous campaigns.  Additionally, the league will also allow any player to protest against the United States in any peaceful way that they choose.  The NFL is showing that they are concerned about being woke to appease the left.  


The NFL was seemingly poised for a big return with live events and massive TV viewership this season.  The emphasis on being a social justice driven organization will certainly affect these ratings. 


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