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Representative Byron Donalds; critical race theory ban

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds voiced his support for the governor’s critical race theory ban from the new school curriculum.

Florida Representative Byron Donalds recently confirmed his support for Governor Ron DeSantis’ critical race theory ban from Florida’s new civics curriculum.

“There’s no room in our classrooms for critical race theory,” the governor said during a press conference. “Teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”

“Governor DeSantis is absolutely correct,” Rep. Donalds affirmed. “Yes, we have dark spots in our history. I’m the first to acknowledge that, but we also have to understand that our country is the great story of redemption in world history.”

“We are a far better country than we were 100 years ago, 200 years ago,” Donalds added. “And, we need to embrace our history, but also understand and embrace the country we are today and the country we continue to become every single year going forward. So I applaud the governor and his decision. We need to see more of that in the other 49 states.”

Fox News reported that DeSantis said Florida will focus on an “actual, solid, true curriculum and we will be a leader in the development and implementation of a world-class civics education.”

As a nation, we need more leaders who are not afraid to call out the divisive and anti-American “critical race theory.” Gov. DeSantis and Rep. Donalds are among them, and they deserve our support.

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