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Duke University campus arches; psychology two genders

A psychology professor who suggested there are only two genders was outed from an email group for “upsetting others.”

A professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University was removed from an American Psychological Association email group for suggesting there are only two genders.

John Staddon was removed from a listserv overseen by the APA after presenting questions to the group that apparently “upset others.”

“The division leadership has received complaints about some of the posts that you [Staddon] have sent to the division listserv,” claimed Jonathon Crystal, a provost and professor at Indiana University-Bloomington. “I do not want to get into the particulars of the range of complaints over the years, but I will note that a number of members of the executive committee and others have voiced concerns publicly on the listserv in an attempt to make you aware of how readers of the list might view some of the posts.”

In response, Staddon said that he had “never insulted anyone; no ad hominem criticism (unlike those to whom you are responding—rather cravenly, I must add),” though he admitted he “may have been a bit flippant on occasion.”

“It is sad that an audience of supposed scientists is unable to take any dissenting view, such as the suggestion that there really are only two sexes. Incredible! I don’t mind having one less distraction, but I think you should really be concerned at Div 6’s unwillingness to tolerate divergent views,” Staddon wrote.

Progressives are continuing to shut down those that they disagree with, and the problem is especially prevalent in the world of academia. They even go so far as to claim that citing scientific, biological facts is offensive to others.

Freedom of speech includes the freedom to have dissenting opinions, regardless of whether or not they “offend” people.

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