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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is here to stand up for people of faith! Last week, he reaffirmed the Administration’s support for people of all faiths and their commitment to ensure that a pillar of our country – freedom to peacefully practice religion — will be safe from attack. Sessions often refers to this guaranteed liberty as the “First Freedom.”

This issue was brought front and center this week after a devastating attack on a Jewish synagogue in Pennsylvania. The Attorney General cited this instance in his remarks, explaining, “This was not just an attack on the Jewish faith. It was an attack on all people of faith. And it was an attack on America’s values of protecting those of faith. It cannot — it will not — be tolerated.”

Earlier this summer, the Justice Department formed the Religious Task Force to address cases of religious discrimination at the federal level. This task force was met with intense pushback from the left, with MSNBC even citing it as ‘discrimination’ against racial and LGBTQ communities. Equality extends to everyone – including people of faith. Under a Trump Presidency, no group will be treated as though they are above the First Amendment.

“A dangerous movement, undetected by many, but real, is now challenging and eroding the great tradition of religious freedom,” the Attorney General said.

Attacks on religious individuals have skyrocketed in the past few years. From Catholic Nuns ordered to pay for contraceptives to a baker commanded to violate his religious beliefs for a gay couple, our country seems to be forgetting the definition of ‘religious liberty.’  Sessions also added that since January, the Justice Department obtained 30 hate crime convictions and issued 50 indictments in cases where places of worship were attacked, or where people were targeted because of their religion. These cases of discrimination against people of faith would not have been properly prosecuted without a President who cares about faith and a Supreme Court with honorable people who understand that the Constitution protects our religious freedom.

Our faith communities are constantly under attack from left. We need more leaders like President Trump and Attorney General Sessions who are willing to stand up for these causes to protect our most cherished freedom for years to come, the ‘First Freedom.’

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